MIRAKLES Music was created to bring light into this world where darkness is moving forward at high speed. In these difficult times, we have a great need that the light of the Truth shines in our lives to free us from this system that traps us away our soul and our destiny. Through music, God is at work to reach people in their lives who need love, peace and joy, that is all that we need for there to be a perfect balance in our lives. That is why we have decided to offer all original works written by our artists for this message touches the souls positively. -------- "freely it has been given to you, freely give." Matthew 10:8


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Louis Haiman’s music is an artful balance of gentle synth arrangements swimming atop a sea of low-end frequencies. Ambient soundscapes drift among layer after layer of meandering melodies while deep syncopated rhythms and bass keep listeners grounded. Louis’ years of classical training, coupled with the inimitable knowledge of his own personal journey results in his music combining the best of both worlds.

Specializing in compositions that are both tranquil and urgent brought on by some of his earliest influences: Art of Noise, Propaganda, Pet Shop Boys, Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode, classic rock and of course, early Chicago House and Detroit Techno.

Many years of traditional music study led him to Boston’s Berklee College of Music in 1987 where he began his first electronic music experiments. Though, it wasn’t until many years later in 1998, while living in New York City, did an ominous note find it’s way to him from none other than Derrick May and Transmat Records inviting him to collaborate.

“I was never one to solicit my music to labels, preferring to perfect my sound. Music was a very personal endeavor for me at the time and I was happy to keep it to myself.”

From his original work on Transmat, Louis has been able to evolve his sound and circle of friends worldwide to include releases on: AW Recordings/ Diametric. (Germany/ Scotland), Abstract Forms (UK) Icon of Desire (Italy) Indigo Aera (Netherlands) Fountain Music (Japan) Stasis Recordings (Canada) and his own digital imprint Fwdthought Music (US).

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Soul Purpose

Soul Purpose